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Georgia Residential-Light Commercial License No. for Pierce & Associaties, Inc. is RLCO001077

Georgia Residential-Light Commercial License No. for Mark Stephen Pierce is RLQA000815

Residential Homes


Your Dream

Building a new home is a big deal. You are excited yet anxious about the process, knowing it will be a journey with many decisions to be made along the road. You've heard all the horror stories from friends and relatives about how badly things can go if you make the wrong decisions. One decision you can make in the beginning to help alleviate your stress and make the process much more enjoyable for you is choosing the right builder.

At Pierce & Associates, we understand this home is YOUR dream. We are going to do everything in power to turn your dreams into reality. We do extensive research based on your needs and budget to help you pick or design the best home plan for your needs. If you haven't got a lot for your home yet, we will help you determine a good neighborhood or location based on amenities and geographic area to make sure you are satisfied not only with the quality of construction, but also with the location of your new home.

The Process

The process of building a home starts with a good design.  That's where we can help.  Our Design Services helps you get the concept right at the beginning of project.  It's much easier (and less expensive) to correct mistakes on paper than during construction.  Here are the general steps to building a new home:

  1. Building permits are secured.
  2. The lot is cleared and graded.
  3. The foundation work is completed.
  4. Framing completed.
  5. Roofing - paper and shingles installed.
  6. Concrete slabs are poured for basements.
  7. Plumbing rough-in completed.
  8. HVAC rough-in and indoor units set.
  9. Electric rough-in completed.
  10. Specialty rough-ins completed - includes central vacuum, alarm system, telephone, audio / visual, etc.
  11. Exterior finishes done - siding, trim, brick veneer, etc.
  12. Insulation completed.
  13. Drywall applied.
  14. Floor finishes - tile, hardwood, carpet, etc.
  15. Interior trim - includes doors, cabinetry, and appliances
  16. Painting completed.
  17. HVAC trim - also set outdoor units
  18. Plumbing trim - includes connecting appliances
  19. Exterior landscaping - includes driveways, patios, porches, etc.
  20. Electrical final trim
  21. Hardware - door and bath hardware, doors, etc.
  22. Final Inspection.

As you can see from the above list, there are a lot of areas to consider.  A qualified, experienced builder like Mark Pierce can give you the peace of mind to know each step is being handled by a professional.  He will oversee each project from beginning to final "punch-out."


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