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Georgia Residential-Light Commercial License No. for Pierce & Associaties, Inc. is RLCO001077

Georgia Residential-Light Commercial License No. for Mark Stephen Pierce is RLQA000815



Extravagant Kitchens

Today's kitchen is redefining the modern home. Many different models are becoming popular with changing house styles and floor designs.  Our custom kitchen designs provide you with an inviting place for casual dining and conversation through the house.  The kitchen is often the focal point of the family and social gatherings.  Today's contemporary kitchens often mix and blend different materials.  For example, newly innovative concrete and stainless steel countertops add a futuristic look that casts interest to the overall design.  Pierce and Associates uses only the finest brands of state-of-the art kitchen equipment - brands like Thermador, Five-Star, and Viking.

We will meet with you to determine your needs and your budget.  Then we can create a design specifically for your home to create a warm area for family and friends to gather over the meal preparation.

Luxurious Bathrooms

The bathroom in most houses has served a purely functional purpose for many years.  It was a place to shower or bathe, brush your teeth, shave, groom, and shall we say "do your business."  But bathrooms today are taking on an entirely new character and function in the home.  Through our custom designs, we can transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa with steam showers, warmed towel racks or floors, and much more to create an area you can pamper yourself and unwind from your hectic schedule.

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